FAQ's Regarding Paul Berglund's Arrival at Mertens

When will Mertens start taking reservations for Chef Paul Berglund's debut?

Reservations are not yet offered as we finalize some details regarding Paul's menu. We will announce here and on social media when reservations will be accepted. The best way to find out is by following Mertens Prime on Instagram and/or Facebook.

When will the new menu that is being developed by Paul be released?

We expect to release the new menu in early January. The best way to find out when it's available for viewing is by following Mertens Prime on Instgram and/or Facebook.

Will the prices change dramitically given Paul's arrival?

No, we do not expect significant changes in menu pricing with Paul's new menu.

How far out can I book a table?

When reservations are opened for booking, you will be able to book 90-days out; with the only exceptions being for special events or holidays.

When reservations become available, can I book over the phone and the internet?

Yes, when reservations open up, you can book via this website or by calling Mertens Prime. However, the hours that the phone will be answered may vary.

Will private dinners and events be offered that are cooked by Paul

Yes, please visit our events page and inquire there for any party greater than 12 guests.

Will Paul also be in charge of the Mertens Rooftop and Cafe Mertens menus?

Yes, Paul will be re-writing all of the Mertens menus.

Is Paul actually in the kitchen making Mertens food?

Yes, Paul will be in the kitchen preparing the Mertens Prime menu for every dinner service.

Will Paul's food be available for takeout and delivery?

Takeout and delivery at Mertens Prime is suspended while Paul develops his menu. However 9th St Steaks and Cafe Mertens continue to offer takeout and delivery. It will be determined at a future date if Paul's new menu will be available for takeout and delivery.